Bodegas Anta - FACILITIES

The building is not only impressive for  its unique glass and wood construction, but also for its excellent conditions for the production of exceptional wines.

The prestigious architect D. Federico Ortega with his Bodegas ANTA project  won the "second prize of honor" in the first contest of sustainable building in Castilla y Leon.

It is a unique piece. The innovative structure was built entirely of wood and glass, fully integrated with its natural surroundings: the vineyard achieves a balance between functionality in winery and interest for visitors.

In our winery shop, you may sample many products on sale. On our web site you can purchase tempranillo, tempranillo cabernet and merlot among others.


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Anta Bodegas colabora para que los niños Oncológicos se sientan niños 

Anta Bodegas colaboró con la Fundación Blas Méndez Ponce en su habitual  rastrillo benéfico.

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